The Orkney Isles

A heritage dating back through six millennia - unique islands in time. Orkney's famous archaeology, superb wildlife, landscape, traditional island welcome, unique arts and crafts and superb seafood (and whisky) are well known - at least to lovers of the good life. This archipelago of over 70 islands is both richly fertile and richly endowed with so many contrasting attractions. Getting to Orkney is as easy - there are direct flights from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness to Kirkwall together with ferries from Aberdeen and Caithness (Scrabster, Gills Bay and John o'Groats). There are also comprehensive inter-island ferry connections with the Orkney... <more>
The Shetland Isles

Shetland is a land of unmistakable beauty and northern charm and has never been so accessible. By air from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen and by sea from Aberdeen, Kirkwall, Denmark, Norway, the Faroes and Iceland. Over a hundred islands form this archipelago each with its unique brand of Norse character and tradition which is readily seen, heard and enjoyed through the local dialect, place names, music, craftwork and festivals - the annual Up Hella Aa and the Shetland Folk Festival being the most poignant. The strength of these traditions is matched by the spectacular natural environment - cliffs and seascapes to match... <more>