to the Scotland Group Travel Guide website.

We hope that we will be able to convince you that Scotland should form part, if not all, of your Groupís itinerary. This is the most comprehensive guide to group travel and the travel trade market in Scotland encompassing, in 14 geographical areas, all the major attractions in this most beautiful country.
Within this site you will find details of tourism contacts, tour operators, transport (land, sea and air, to and within Scotland and car hire firms), hotel consortia, theatres and sporting venues, major events (local as well as Nationally), accommodation providers (hotels, self catering, hostels and bunkhouses), visitor attractions (including castles, gardens,museums, art galleries, distilleries and other major historic buildings and monuments), activity operators, meal stop venues and much more, all aimed at the groups market. The site is designed to help you to create your own itineraries and to pick and mix the attractions you wish to use as well as helping you to arrange accommodation and meal stops. This Scotland Groups and Travel Organisers site runs in parallel with the annual printed article.